Utah Heavy Oil Program

UHOP conducts research and provides reports relating to the technololgies used for domestic oil shale and sands development. Work is performed by a highly motivated staff of students, faculty, and professionals.

Points of Interest/Features

The Institute for Clean and Secure Energy hosted the 2009 Western U.S. Oil Sands Conference at the Rice-Eccles Stadium on the University of Utah campus on February 27, 2009. To download presentations from the conference, please visit http://www.heavyoil.utah.edu/outreach.html

The UHOP repository has been repopulated with full text versions of articles related to oil shale and sands. The repository can be searched via a text-based search (http://ds.heavyoil.utah.edu/dspace/index.jsp) or a map server-based search (http://www.ices.utah.edu/index.jsp?leftnavid=3;&subleftnavid=17;).

Congratulations to the University of Utah researchers whose projects were recently funded through the "Clean and Secure Energy from Coal, Oil Shale, and Oil Sands" project funded by the Department of Energy. Please see http://www.heavyoil.utah.edu/research.html for a list of the projects that were funded.

A few hard copies are still available of “A Technical, Economic, and Legal Assessment of North American Heavy Oil, Oil Sands, and Oil Shale Resources,” published by UHOP in 2007. Please contact Catrina Wilson at (801) 585-1233 if you would like a copy. A pdf version of the report can be downloaded from the UHOP repository (http://ds.heavyoil.utah.edu/dspace/handle/123456789/4921).